Attention on the drive trip with pets

How to make a reservation

An advance reservation is required when you ride a rental vehicle with a pet. To make a reservation, please contact us through Contact us and advise following details.
(The reservation Number for the vehicle, a type of animals, the number of pets, and the cage size) We may decline to offer a vehicle when the advance reservation is not made or a vehicle type that can accommodate the pet cage is not available.

Pets you can travel with

Pets you can travel with

Up to 10kg of dogs or cats and stay in the cage sized 70cm x 90cm x 75cm
(Please have your animal cage.)
*The above size is an example.
*You can use either of hard or soft cage unless the body of the pet goes outside. Please pay attention to safety of your pet.

Where to place the cage

Please place the cage on the luggage space or on the floor of the back seat.
Please place the sheet provided by the rental office under the pet cage.
Please refrain from letting your pet stay outside of the cage.

Available Vehicle type

Please reserve the car class which can accommodate the pet cage.

Option fee for travelling with pets, repair, deodorizing and NOC (Non Operation Charge)

Option fee for travelling with pets is JPY550 per 1 rental.
In case the vehicle gets a damage or an odor and the repair and deodirizing are needed,
the customer will be charged an NOC (Non Operation Charge) as a part of loss of use during the repair or cleaning of the vehicle.
*Above cases invalidate ECO.


Please read this agreement on "Pets Policy"(PDF file) carefully and accept the agreement.
*Please download the agreement document here. Please submit the signed document at the time of car pickup.


The above policy shall not apply when the customer is accompanied by guide dog or service dog.