Handling of Personal Information on Internet Services

1. Nippon Rent-a-Car ensures security for Internet services (our website and mobile site) providing you with SSL support on part of our sites to prevent the external leakage of personal information.

2. Nippon Rent-a-Car will use your IP addresses recorded in a log mainly for the purposes below.

・To investigate the cause and resolve problems that develop on our servers

・To manage our sites

3. The various sites under the website of Nippon Rent-a-Car use cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information sent by the applicable site to your browser. We may record what pages you have visited and store this as a file on your local disk. Nippon Rent-a-Car mainly uses cookies for the purposes below.

・To make it possible for you to use member services without having to input your password each time

・To improve the content of our website or e-mails and to provide customization to suit you to ensure you experience even greater satisfaction

・To make adjustments so that we can show you information that we believe will be beneficial to you

You may refuse to accept cookies or display a warning when accepting cookies by the settings of your browser. Without cookies, service content may be restricted or it may not be possible to use the services on the sites under the Nippon Rent-a-Car website.