【NOTICE】Measures to prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) for customers

Please wear face masks when you visit our rental office or use our shuttle bus service at the airport.

Please keep appropriate social distancing from others.
・Only the driver is requested to visit the office by him/herself when it is possible.
・Depending on the situation, we may limit the number of customers who can be in the office or in a shuttle bus.
・Depending on the progress, since it may take longer than usual, so please ensure you arrive at the office ahead of time.

Please refrain from visiting the office if any of the following conditions below.
- Customer who have abnormal symptoms such as fever, cold and cold-like symptoms, or poor physical condition.
- Customer who were close contact people or have possible close-contact with a COVID-19 patient.
- Customer who were requested by the government to stay at home (except the restriction for movement by the government approved).