Retained Personal Data Disclosure Request Form

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To the English Service Desk

Disclosure Requester

Name :

Address :


I request the disclosure of retained personal data as below according to the provisions in Paragraph 1 of Article 25 in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information

Details of the retained personal data I am requesting be disclosed

(Please circle the applicable number)

1. Member registration information

2. License information

3. Rent-a-car usage history

4. Other (                                        )

Disclosure requester category

(Please circle the applicable number)

1. Individual in question

2. Representative entrusted by the individual in question to seek the disclosure

3. Statutory representative of a minor or adult ward

Information on the individual in question




License number

Member number


1. Please read "Procedures for Requesting Disclosure/Correction/Suspension of Retained Personal Data" before enclosing the following documents and sending it to our Customer Help Desk above to request the disclosure of retained personal information.

(1) Copy of a document confirming you are the individual in question requesting the disclosure (e.g. driver's license)

(2) Self-addressed stamped envelope (Write the address of the person requesting the disclosure on it and affix a postage stamp worth 612 yen)

2. In case making a request via a representative, please enclose the following document in addition to the documents in 1.

(1) Document verifying the status of the representative (e.g. power of attorney)

3. In case there are any omission on this form or documents are missing, we will contact the telephone number you have given us. If we cannot reach you or if you do not send the information we request one week after contacting you, we will treat it as though you have not made a request for disclosure.

4. The documents you submit to request disclosure will be disposed one year after the reply.

5. In case you make a request for disclosure by visiting one of our business offices or by telephone, we will make the disclosure after confirming your identity only for matters that we can disclose.

6. We will disclose only the permissible matters after confirming your identity on our website for Japan. This is limited to Super Red Member.