Useful Services

Services related to rental vehicles


All vehicles are equipped with Multi-Lingual GPS.
However, please note that there is a possibility that Japanese-language GPS will be assigned to your vehicle.
*Japanese-language GPS supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Non-smoking vehicles

All passenger cars and minivans are no smoking.

Attention on the drive trip with pets

An advance reservation is required when you ride a rental vehicle with a pet.
> Attention on the drive trip with pets

Listen to your favorite music while driving

Most of our passenger vehicles and wagons come equipped with connectors for digital audio devices such as iPhones, iPods and CD players!

Guide to Universal Car

Wheelchair Accessible vehicles and vehicles with Power Transfer Seat are available for passengers with disabilities and elderly passengers.
> Guide to Universal Car

Services related to rental car use

Long hour operation locations

At some rental locations, we open long hours, more than 13 hours a day, nationwide.
You can pick up and/or return your car even if you plan to drive at early/late time of the day.

One-way rentals

One-way rentals are available in areas nationwide.One-way rental allows customers to return vehicles to a different location from departure.

※One-way rentals may be unavailable at some rental locations.

※An additional charge may be required for one-way rentals in some cases.

Expanding multilingual support system, including English, Chinese, Korean and Thai

Foreign language communication support services are available for pickup and drop-off at rental locations, including English, Chinese, Korean and Thai!
Support services help bring peace of mind. *Telephone interpretation service.

*Available 24 hours a day.

ETC card rental

ETC card rental services are available at rental locations.
Toll fees will be calculated when you return your car and ETC card.

Music Line portable digital audio player connectors

Enjoy your favorite music while you drive!

Music Line connectors for portable digital audio players such as iPods, iPhones and Walkmans are included as standard equipment on a range of Nippon Rent-A-Car vehicles!!

*Music Line may be unavailable for some vehicles.

  • Standard equipment, free of charge!!
  • No skipping or static!!
  • Compatible with a variety of portable audio players!!
  • Easy to use!!

ETC card rental service

ETC card rental service is available at our major rental offices nationwide(not available at rental offices on small islands where ETC system does not exist.)

What is ETC ?

The ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) system enables drivers to pay toll fees without stopping at a toll gate. Tolls are charged based on the total amount of recorded usage in the IC chip of the ETC card.

ETC portal site

ETC cards need to be inserted into the ETC device before passing through ETC gates on highways.
ETC card rental service is available at our rental offices nationwide.

ETC card rental details

1.How to reserve

You can select ETC card when to make a reservation.

2.Card rental charge

・330 yen, including tax, up to 7 days

・1,100 yen, including tax, 8 days and more

3.How to settle toll fees

Toll fees will be calculated when you return your car and ETC card, which carries IC chip. We will print out actual toll fees and forward it to you. Please settle such fees in cash or by major credit card.

Special offers for international visitors! Now Expressway Pass programs are available.

Special offers for international visitors! Now Expressway Pass programs are available.
Nippon Rent-A-Car English Service Desk: 81-3-6859-6234
03-6859-6234 within Japan
To use expressway pass, you will be required to rent an ETC card from Nippon Rent-A-Car.
You can also apply such programs at the rental office at the time of car pick up.

Cautions for Use of the ETC Card Rental Service

The service can only be utilized after reading and agreeing to Nippon Rent-A-Car's ETC Card Rental Service Precautions.

  • 1. During the ETC card rental period, use and manage the card complying with Cautions for Use of the ETC System.
    If the card was used by a third party during the card rental period, you will be responsible for payments of the toll fees.
  • 2. Toll fees will be calculated based on data recorded in the IC chip, which are displayed at toll gates.
    Any rate adjustments, for specific cases, including reentry due to road closure, discount for other road companies and etc., are not available in the rented ETC card.
  • 3. When we find the payment is insufficient, we may charge additional toll fees on later days after your car return.
  • [ Examples of shortage/unpaid cases ]
    ・When undeclared toll was discovered
    ・When usage history/toll was unrecognized due to defects of ETC card or card reader
    ・When toll was modified/changed due to the reasons of expressway company
    ・When the car was returned to the shop where the toll was unreadable for some reasons
  • 4. Please inform car pick up office when you lose or were stolen ETC card.
    We will not charge you toll fees on the ETC card used the day after your report of such incident unless if you did it willfully or grossly negligent.
  • 5. You will be charged 3,000 yen when ETC card is lost, stolen, damaged or deformed as its compensation fee.
  • 6. If ETC card is lost, stolen, damaged or deformed and toll fees can not be calculated,
    you will be charged 10,000 yen by your credit card as a deposit of toll fees. When we receive invoice from respective road company on later date, we will adjust or charge additionally the balance via your credit card account.
  • 7. We may contact you when we receive inquiries about ETC card user from respective road company during/after your rental period.
  • 8. If you do not return your rented ETC card due in time, we may inform respective road company to cancel ETC card validity, please note.
  • 9. Nippon Rent-A-Car shall not be responsible to solve any dispute nor compensation for any damage or loss caused by usage of the ETC system. For such cases, please submit it to respective road company.

・Use of ETC is governed by the terms of use for the ETC system.

・ETC card rental is not available separately.