Guide to Universal Car

What is Universal Car ?

Wheelchair Accessible vehicles and vehicles with Power Transfer Seat are available for passengers with disabilities and elderly passengers.
We named those vehicles ''Universal Car'', which combine words of ''Universal design'' and ''Rental car''.

What kind of car can I rent ?

There are roughly 2 types of vehicles.
One is wheelchair-accessible vehicle called ''Care Type'', and the other is ''Kind Type'' vehicle equipped with power transfer seat.

Care Type

Hiace or similar
1 or 2 Wheel chairs

Kind Type

Honda Stepwagon or similar
1 seat is Power transfer seat

The number of wheel chairs and passengers

Care Type

Class Model No. of stretchers No. of Wheelchairs No. of other passengers Total No. of seats
K-AU N-BOX 0 1 2 3
K-AU HIJET Sloper 0 1 3 4
SW-U FREED 0 1 5 6
W-BU HIACE WelCab 0〜1 0 0 8 9
1 1〜2 8 10

Kind Type

Class Model Load wheelchair No. of seats
W-AY SERENA Fold the wheelchair to load into a vehicle 7

How to make a reservation

The availability varies in areas. Please contact us through Contact us and advise following details.
(Pickup date & time, Return date & time, Pickup & Return Location, Vehicle type, Number of wheelchairs, and Number of passengers)